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ArtsForce.org is a one-of-a-kind competitive showcase with the mission of providing a powerful artistic expression platform for members of our veteran communities and those about to transition from active duty in the military. It primarily consists of an annual performing arts competition encompassing a broad range of performing arts, adjudicated by a world renowned international jury.  In addition to significant Artist Grants, the competitors receive artist mentorship, networking, and overall support to further their artistic pursuits and professional pathways of artistic expression.  The Gold Medalist receives a $100,000 Artist Grant.  ArtsForce has a four-pronged goal:

  • Showcase the incredible artistic talent that exists within the active duty military and veteran communities
  • Provide significant resources, professional development, and networking opportunities to empower artists with a military background to fulfill their artistic goals and impact their country and our overall society through professional artistic contributions
  • Develop and nurture a strong supportive network of those pursuing the arts with a military background
  • Demonstrate the strong alignment between the performing arts and the military highlighting its historical significance