Aaron Dworkin

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Uncommon Rhythm

They Said I Wasn't Really Black

"As a biracial (Black/White) young man adopted by a white family, I have had the unique advantage of being able to observe life and our society around us from differing cultural perspectives. I have captured many of my experiences, dramatic, humorous, insightful and moving, within the content of this collection of poetry. I welcome you to share this unique adventure with me."
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Aaron reads Chilli to a group of school children

The 1st Adventure of Chilli Pepperz

An engaging children's book that combines the positive elements of courage, perseverance, hope and diversity with the excitement of an outer space odyssey. Parents and children will be equally entertained by the words and illustrations. A book of rhyme combined with unique colorful illustrations, Chilli embodies diversity while connecting with youth who have a sense of curiosity and adventure.
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Ebony Rhythm

This CD offers its listeners a new and unique style of music called "Classispeak" which combines dramatically read poetry and passages about the historical experiences of African-Americans with the dramatic, emotional impact of Classical Music. Ebony Rhythm will tantalize and fascinate its listeners with powerful musical narratives which touch the soul and move the spirit.
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Bar Talk

Bar Talk offers its listeners innovative performance techniques on Zetaelectric instruments to maximize the electronic capabilities as well as effectively illustrate the underlying story created through the non-traditional recording of Bartok's famous 44 duets for two violins. This CD is sure to engage traditional classical music lovers along with New Age fans and cutting-edge modern music afficionados.
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